Here's how we right the course

In a weird sort of way, when King George refused to consider the Olive Branch Petition, our founders became criminals.

So America, in essence, is the byproduct of a bunch of convicted felons refusing to kiss the ass of royalty.

We’re all descendants of brave men and women who had the courage to believe liberty and freedom was a right given to man from God in heaven.

We fought and won a war based on that premise.

Spare me the leftist narrative that America can’t endure a little taste of revolution in 2024 and elect a man the powerful and connected consider unfit.

It’s the most obvious choice we’ve had in many elections.

I’m the last person to opine on campaign finance matters, but it’s been often said, that money is the mother’s milk of American politics.

I tend to believe this: "money is the answer, now what’s the question?"

I raise this issue because I’ve received many, many messages asking how someone could help support Donald Trump’s campaign.

Here’s the best way:

Trump had nearly 75 million voters in 2020. If one third (that’s 25 million) of those 75 million would give $10 a month, it would change the political universe forever.

That’s 250 million dollars a month, and that would scare the ever-loving shit out of these self-appointed masters of the universe.

This is so much bigger than Donald Trump.

It’s about restoring a sense of ownership and connection with the federal government that has sold its soul to special interests and the donor class.

I wish I believed there was a more altruistic and honorable way to take our government back, but I’m afraid this is it: an amount equal to a Netflix subscription to help right the course of the greatest nation to ever exist.

A nation that has lost its way by prioritizing global adventurism over the interest of the American worker, the American family, and the American way of life.

Helping to elect and support a convicted felon may be the best way to honor and respect our beginning: when a small group of colonists said "hell no" to a king.

And were declared criminals as a result.