Ken Ard was born in Pamplico, SC in 1963. His mom was a homemaker and part-time postal worker. His dad was a mill worker but moonlighted as a welder, building and repairing farm equipment. That eventually led his dad to start his own business in 1964, that remains operational today.

Ken began hosting the wildly popular morning radio show "Good Morning Pee Dee" which eventually evolved into "Wake Up Carolina", carried on three radio stations, WFRK, WDXY, WTQS, throughout the Pee Dee, Midlands and the Low Country of South Carolina. It is the highest rated morning talk show in the region with topics such as politics and current events with interesting guests.

Ken comes from humble beginnings and pays tribute to his hometown of Pamplico,SC., in the podcast.

“No Stop Lights is a tribute to my real-life perspective on American politics and life in general. My humble beginnings from a town with no stop lights to a time in politics to a successful radio broadcast for over 10 years” says Ken.

In 2004 and again in 2008 Ken was elected to the Florence County Council for his successful business influence and impact. In 2010, business leaders encouraged Ken to run as Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.

Ken and co-host/producer Dave Baker have worked together for over 10 years and built a tremendous reputation. "We are excited to reach a national audience as well as our local audience and do something courageous that will really encourage the mission of our podcast". - Dave Baker. With this dynamic duo, No Stop Lights is sure to be the number one downloaded podcast.